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De-Carb GCX

Hi everyone. Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I love the De-carb GCX weight loss product. It is a green coffee bean/green tea extract that you mix with water. It is easy to take on the go, it tastes great and most of all it really works! It is a carb crusher/fat burner and a great appetite suppressant that does not use caffeine as a stimulant so there are no headaches or jitters. Get yours at and use the coupon code fit to receive 50% off your order. Again that coupon code is fit. You can apply the coupon code to their other great products as well including Raspberry Ketone, Carb Blocker and Garcinia Cambogia; the Holy Grail of weight loss!

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De-Carb GCX

Hi everyone. I just want to talk about De-Carb GCX for a moment! I have mentioned it before, but I encourage you to try this great weight loss product if you haven’t already done so. It is a green coffee bean/green tea extract that you simply add to your water. Pour 2 tbls into your water bottle if you are on the go. It utilizes the benefits of green coffee bean; known to increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and burn carbs and green tea which has multiple health benefits as I mentioned in a previous blog. I love it…it tastes great and it does work. Also, if you use the code SLIM you can get it for 50% off. Check it out!

Coupon Code Slim for De-Carb GCX

Hi everyone. I just found a coupon code Slim for De-Carb GCX. I found this amazing product at Sam’s Club but used this coupon code to order more from It is a concentrate of green tea and green coffee bean extract that you just add to your water. I have already lost 8 lbs. Love it!!!

Green Tea


  1. promotes weight loss by raising metabolism and increasing fat oxidation
  2. regulates glucose levels
  3. improves ratio of good/bad cholesterol
  4.  believed to reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  5. contains a chemical antioxidant “Catechin” which can destroy bacteria and viruses that lead to throat infections and tooth decay
  6. contains an amino acid “Theanine” which can improve mood and treat depression
  7.  helps fight wrinkles and signs of aging due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  8. reduces and prevents acne
  9. increases stamina and endurance
  10. contains certain vitamins that can protect against the formation of clots; the primary cause of heart attacks

De-Carb GCX

Hello. For quality products created for your Hollywood look and optimum health, check out, and stay tuned for some interesting articles on beauty, fitness and health.